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Tis the season for the State Elections

It is that time again. State Elections for the Executive Board are coming up. The positions are President, Treasurer, Secretary, and two Director at Large positions. If you have someone in mind that you feel would be a good fit for any of those positions, now is the time to nominate them. Please read the by-laws and be sure they qualify. Please no anonymous posts, we have to be able to verify members for this so we need to know who you are. Once you make a nomination, the person you nominate will have to accept and agree to run for the position.

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  1. Terri says:

    You may post your nominations here on the blog, you may contact your chapter president with your nomination, you may contact Char or Terri or you can mail your nomination to the TRPC mailing address. There are many ways and methods to make a nomination. The secretary has to prepare a ballot that is sent to all voting members, one vote per company member. Please get these submitted by some form or fashion, we would like to have this closed by the July board meeting so that preperations can be made for the elections.

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Current Events

CDOT has installed a lot of cable guard rail on I-70 and I-25. This cable is under a lot of tension even when it is off of the hangers. If we have an accident where a vehicle gets entangled with the guardrail, do not cut the cable.

We need to notify CDOT before any of these cables are cut. The danger is in cutting a cable that is under tension as significant weight can cause the cable to recoil and whip that could result in serious or fatal injury.

The Suvivor Fund

The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum has successfully launched the towing industry Survivor Fund. The Survivor Fund is the latest addition to the ITRHFM family and was established to help the families of the men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of service.

Learn More... The Need!

Widows & Orphans Fund