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The preliminary hearing for Detra Farries ended yesterday. The court has ruled that there is sufficient evidince to take her to trial. She will enter her plea on June 22nd and then Jury Selection will begin sometime after that.

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  1. COMT10155 says:

    A big thanks to Terri for monitoring the situation with this, uhm, person. I appreciate the updates. I hope others do too.

    • Terri says:

      The June 22nd hearing was extended to July 15th at 8:30 am. The defence team is again, requesting a reduction in bond amount and seeks to over turn the ruling of the original judge who set that bond amount. I imagine that all of this will be re-addressed again on the 15th and hopefully she will enter her plea which will move this forward into the jury selection phase.

  2. Terri says:

    July 15th

    Detra plead not guilty on all charges. Motions are set for Oct 7th, 2011 and the trial date is currently set for Nov 7th, 2011 with a trail expected to last two weeks with Thanksgiving causing some delays.

    The bond reduction motion was granted, the bond has been reduced to 25K instead of 50K

    On September 7th there will be a hearing to determine if a change of venue is necessary. Defense has requested the trial be moved out of El Paso County. The prosecution has requested trial remain in El Paso county but says that they will need a jury pool of 80 people to pull from.

    If you need any further details you will need to contact me directly as there is always too much information to post here.


  3. Terri says:

    Verdict! Guilty! All charges!

    Detra Farries stood trial for over three weeks in February and after blaming everyone else, she was found guilty. She blamed the people on the street for not getting her attention; she blamed the apartment manager for not warning her (even though she was parked less than 10 feet from a sign telling her she would be towed). She blamed Allen, she blamed her car, she blamed anyone and everyone but certainly not herself. She didn’t hear and she didn’t see. Here is the point. The prosecution said all along, and as early as the pre-trial hearing, it is not about what she saw or what she heard. If they could prove she saw it or heard it they would have charged her with 1st degree murder. They chose charges they knew they could prove. IF she didn’t hear it (which everyone knows, including the jury, that is very unlikely) it was because of circumstances created by her. If she didn’t see it (again, not likely since she said herself that she could see out both side mirrors and could see the little tiny green festiva following her) it is again caused by choices of her own doing.

    She piled all of her belongings into her suburban and stacked it to the roof. She obstructed her rear view mirror which is addressed in the law. She had two side view mirrors that were cracked and missing pieces of glass. She had a passenger rear door window busted out and a sheet of plastic taped there. She had no radio in her vehicle. Between the broken window and no radio, there should have been nothing stopping her from hearing. But let’s assume that she couldn’t hear. As a motorist on the roads in this state you have a basic responsibility to be able to see and hear what is going on around you. She disregarded this basic duty.

    She was supposedly moving from Denver to Houston, her and her daughter were both driving vehicles that were unlicensed, unregistered and uninsured. Detra had no drivers license. They stopped to stay with a cousin in the springs so that Detra could get plates for her daughter’s car. She intended to lie to DMV about her address so she could avoid emissions testing. Detra’s suburban had bald, mismatched tires, brakes on the front were metal to metal, shoes on the back were at less than 25%, she had no high beams, no turn signals in the front, only one working brake light in the back, a broken sway bar, the thing wouldn’t stay in park so she put a door knob under the tire to keep it from rolling, there were loose wires hanging down around her gas pedal. The thing was a mess and shouldn’t have been on the road. The kicker is that she bought that suburban at a buy here pay here and hadn’t made the payments. So on top of everything else she was intending to leave the state with a secured vehicle that was behind on payments.

    She saw the tow truck; she saw that he was going to tow her. She got in the SUV while Allen was grabbing his cable. Testimony of witness’s was that Allen had his right hand on the back of her rear doors and his J hook in his left hand. He squatted down and leaned forward and reached under and with a bowling type motion, put the J hook on the axle on the right side (sounds right so far) and then she simultaneously took off. She did this before Allen had the chance to lock the winch back in. She drove over a parking block, over a sidewalk, over a section of lawn, through a sand pit/volleyball area, over another lawn, another sidewalk and another parking block and out into the other side of the U shaped parking lot. One J hook was still dragging and the cable un-spooled and went with the suburban. Allen, knowing the danger that cable posed if she went out on the street with it, ran toward the entrance to intercept her. According to her statement he was standing off to the side at the entrance, waiving his arms in the air yelling stop! She demonstrated this repeatedly, showing his hands were open palmed and waiving in the air. No knife! In fact she said repeatedly that he “had nothing in his hands”. She swerved toward him and he jumped back out of the way and she made an abrupt right turn, over the curb and out onto the street almost being broadsided by two on coming cars that had to slam on their brakes. When she did this, the cable whip lashed and grabbed Allen’s boots and we know what happened next. I saw video’s of Allen being dragged from several business’s security cameras, those videos show her running stop signs and driving (as she said it) “all crazy like”.

    Last year there were two witness’s, both connected to the defendant (the mechanic and his nephew that were working on her daughters car in the lot), who claimed that Allen had a knife, that Allen chased her, that Allen jumped on the cable and that Allen threw the cable at her axle while she was in motion and hooked it. Everyone in the industry knew how unlikely this was but these witnesses had made those statements. Two days later they changed their statements. They both testified for the prosecution. When they were asked why they changed their statements, one responded by saying “I have a conscience, I went over it and over it in my mind and realized that he was not jumping ON the cable, he was jumping UP to get out of the way of the cable”.

    While I sat in that court room day after day watching witness after witness break down on the stand I came to realize that there were many victims that day. Witnesses have had to move away from the area or quit their jobs in the area because they kept re-living this over and over. They had to change the scenery.

    There were also many incorrect reports about Allen’s injuries and other things. Due to the graphic nature of those details I am not going to post them here. If you have questions you can email me but the one thing that needs to be corrected is that Allen Rose did not have his legs severed. The saddest part of that statement is that he would have been better off if they had been. Allen’s came out of his remaining boot, the one that was caught, and the boot stayed with the cable across lanes of traffic and another road where it finally fell off. The cable was found in the road nearly 3 miles away and the J chain was found in a parking lot not far from where the cable was found. Allen Rose was alive and talking when he came off that cable. He was able to state his name, the date, even the address where this had begun and his allergies to medications. Witnesses were with him, removing their own clothing in an effort to cover him and make him as comfortable as possible. These citizens were emotionally destroyed by what they saw. One person who stopped was an off duty fire fighter with many years under his belt. He broke down when describing the injuries. The EMT that responded had 12 years behind her and lost her breath when she rolled Allen onto his side and was able to see the injuries. Due to the severity of these injuries and the nature of the crime, Detra Farries was charged with double penalty due to the torturous nature of Allen’s death.

    Detra Farries showed absolutely zero emotion during the trial. She also was very disrespectful to Allen’s widow Renee. I was with Renee throughout the trial and on many occasions Detra would come out to the smoking court yard and stand 5 feet away. Detra does not smoke. She would stand in the hallway where Renee and I had to walk past her to get to the elevator. She even sat down at the table next to Renee in the lunch room which prompted me to sit between them so that Detra’s back was mere inches from mine and kept her away from Renee. The final straw was when she got into an elevator with Renee and stood in front of her which forced Renee to exit the elevator. The prosecution addressed this with the Judge who told Detra to stay away from Renee. Detra got angry and yelled that she didn’t see her (apparently she doesn’t see anything) and her public defenders had to tell her “that’s enough!!”. She shows no remorse. Not even during autopsy photos, she just continued flipping through the book in front of her. One witness left the stand with paramedics after he broke down describing what he saw, and yet Detra didn’t flinch.

    When the jury came back with their verdict, Detra was wearing a white T-shirt with huge black letters that said “Only God can judge me”. The Judge will be sentencing her on April 20th, 2012. We will see what the Judge has to say about that.

    Detra Farries remains free on a 25k bond until sentencing. Senator Morse was interviewed by the news and said he was going to be looking into changes. She shouldn’t be able to remain free at this point but her charges and her bond allow her to do so.

    As to her 8 alleged children, we saw only four. She had all of their belongings loaded into her suburban and there were no seats available other than the driver seat. Her daughter was driving a cavalier and I am sure 8 children were not going to be riding in there. Before anyone feels sorry for her being a mother and her children loosing their mother, remember this. Allen Rose was doing his job, Allen Rose has two children a wife that no longer have him at the dinner table all because of the actions of a woman who feels that the laws of this state simply do not apply to her.

    Detra Farries should have been charged with much harsher crimes however, another above what they charged her with would have come with proving knowledge and intent. If they failed to prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt, she would have walked away with no penalty at all. The District Attorney’s office chose wisely. It is unfortunate that she will not do more time, but they chose to charge her with crimes they could prove to ensure that she does time. Prosecutors Jeff Lindsey and Mike Ringle did a great job of defending Allen Rose and presenting a very strong case against Detra Farries and they learned a lot about our industry in the process.

    If you have any questions or seek more details, feel free to email me directly at

    I know the time she will serve hardly seems like justice but this was a unique case and a difficult one.

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