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Well I for one have seen enough of the puppet show ( Board of Directors ) I have seen even if one does not agree what they are voting on the puppet will go along with what the rest of them think. I really think it is time for a change in the Board I have only seen one person on the board who is not afraid to speak there mind and that is JC  yes he may offend people but he does not hide who he is and the rest hide behind each other so come on people this is OUR TRPC SPEAK UP AND LET THEM KNOW IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I know this post may never even make it the the blog posting and may even have put my own noose around my neck but I am not going to sit around and let things go the way they are

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  1. COMT10155 says:

    How many board meetings have you been to? obviously not many. I am curious if your name is on any ballots.
    I would like to start a pool that there is no way in H E double hockey sticks that Joe could not come even close to accomplishing what this board has accomlished. I may not be anyone, but I for one and hoping that the current board get re-elected so that the entire TRPC and the Towing industry does not go to the the Great flusher in the throne room. RE-ELECT EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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We need to notify CDOT before any of these cables are cut. The danger is in cutting a cable that is under tension as significant weight can cause the cable to recoil and whip that could result in serious or fatal injury.

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