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What is EXACTLY the “CODE OF ETHICS” ????


As members of TRPC, we subscribe to the following principles. Members shall:
A. Encourage the American free enterprise system.
B. Hold our profession in high esteem and strive to enhance its prestige.
C. Uphold a duty of integrity, honor, fair dealing and courtesy to the general public in the operation of all facets of business.
D. Take pride in and keep equipment and drivers clean, neat, and professional.
E. Keep informed of and comply with all city, county, state, and federal laws, as well as all rules and regulations promulgated by all regulatory bodies designated to administer and enforce such laws.
F. Be truthful and be accurate in advertising and soliciting business.
G. Comply with all wage and hour laws, State Worker’s compensation laws, and payroll tax laws.
H. Perfect skills and increase knowledge through continuing education and training.
I. Cooperate with and assist other people in the interest of our profession.
J. Strive to improve our internal business methods to strengthen our economic well-being thereby improving our ability to serve the public and conform to the TRPC Constitution and By Laws.
K. Bring to the attention of the TRPC Association any information believed to be in violation of any law or regulation.

Six Way Test: In order to comply with the CODE OF ETHICS, ask yourself the following:


I feel that the T.R.P.C. has FAILED its own “Code of Ethics”. T.R.P.C. has failed to notify its members of the changes in our industry that WILL IMPACT each and everyone of this industry on December 31, 2011.
T.R.P.C. has failed to give its members the opportunity to join TOGETHER and voice the concerns and fight certain aspects of this bill. This new bill that is going into effect is NOT to “protect us in the industry”, but to protect the COLORADO PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSIONERS OFFICE !!!! Let’s get serious people !!! As of today and as it’s been for SEVERAL years, the PUC does not have the “man power” or “budget” to go into in the field and shut down these companies that are running without PUC, US-DOT, proper insurance and proper equipment for that fact… As of today, the PUC is unable to stop companies from operating to whom are operating under other peoples PUC numbers, in a Revoked, Cancelled status, fraudulent insurance forms filed, etc. And you think a Bond required is going to change things????? The underworld of towing is going to grow even more after all this!!!! The smaller towing companies that are legal and trying to make it through today’s economy penny for penny; WILL BE FORCED TO SHUT THEIR DOORS !!!! Just because you have a tow company does not mean you have a lot of money or resources make a lot of money. I feel really bad for the smaller towers and I am sad to see that an organization that I have supported did not give the opportunity for towers to speak and possibly fight to make changes to protect their business and livelihoods. This bill has been in the “process” for a LONG time and we are just hearing about it and there is a HUGE number of companies don’t even know as of today!!!!!!!!!

DON’T EVEN REPLY: IF YOU ARE IN THE INDUSTRY, YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT IS GOING WITHIN IT. That is why most people pay to belong to an organization that has lobbyist, has a board of directors and chapters to keep you informed and updated of things like this.

Funny how we can get several envelops for the Tow Show, but nothing about this bill or other changes in the industry. Well, looks like the Tow Show will a coming up short on support, as many companies will be closed on December 31, 2011.

We always hear that we need to bring in “NEW” members to Support T.R.P.C. and make this industry stronger. We pay our dues to belong to an organization that has failed to support its members. How do I get a refund????????

4 Responses

  1. John says:

    T.R.P.C. has failed to notify its members of the changes in our industry that WILL IMPACT each and everyone of this industry on December 31, 2011.


    If…YOU… would put in the same time it took you to write this blog with your local chapter… YOU… would know that Rob and I have been fighting this since day 1 and nothing is in stone yet!!! All chapter presidents, along with ex board members, have been aware of this since the first day we caught wind of it.

    If you are not getting information from your chapter president, maybe your chapter should find a replacement.

    Now at this point only two things will be added to the current requirements of PUC..and you can THANK Rob and myself. There are now only two, and not several, as there was at the start of this.

    1st thing is work comp…No big deal you should already have this and if you are a 1 truck owner/operator it’s very simple to get a cert and exempt yourself…cost is less than 100 bucks.

    2nd 50k bond…This is still in the works. Repo company’s already do a 50k bond filed with the AG’s office. This bond is different and has not been written yet as to what kind of bond.

    So, at this point, we are working on the bond with several people so we get the right wording etc. in the rules so it’s cost effective for all.

    My first question to you is this….Where have you been?

    My second question…How has this organization failed to support its members?

    I will NOT authorize FALSE information to be sent out to the membership nor would I want to start a panic within the industry.

    Remember one thing…What hurts one, hurts us all!

    In closing… The fight ain’t over yet and when it is and everything is in stone, the membership will be getting a notification of the changes, along with information on how to be compliant.

    John Connolly
    TRPC State President

    P.S. Contact me directly for your refund.

  2. Terri says:

    Updated information. I spoke to the Department of Labor Workers Comp section today. If you are a one truck operation or are completely owner operated (each owner must have atleast 10% interest and control of a certain aspect of your business) you can get those exemption forms from that department and wouldn’t need to get a comp policy to exempt from. That makes the cost way less than $100, zero bucks actually :)

    If you have a comp policy on your employees, that is where you have to exempt from the policy and Im sure each insurance co is different but it is a small fee if anything at all.


  3. Terri says:

    There has been a letter drafted and should be going out any day now with the information about the house bill and if I am not mistaken, it is being mailed to all towing companies because, as you have pointed out, it is a big deal.


  4. cozychar says:

    The letter should have been in your mail today. Unfortunately, as the one that got it ready to be sent out I am taking full responsibility, I had forgotten to attach the memebership application. If you know of someone that is not already a member and wants to become one after reading our letter, pass along my number and I will be sure to get them an application!! 303-665-6775.

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