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I have implemented several changes this morning to make the blog more intuitive. We welcome your input. Please list any feedback or suggestions here. Paste links to any web sites or blogs to use as examples.

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  1. stephjr says:

    First off – a blog is not a free for all. I do not think this blog should be used as a message board. First, the only people who should be allowed to post initial posts (something pithy preferably instead of whining) are board members. Second, there should be NO allowance for anonymous posting. Members like me should only be able to post to comments. As it now stands, I practically have admin rights, I’m not even personally involved with TRPC (though the company I work for is) and I could totally spam or sabotage the site if I wanted to. Just a suggestion. – Steph

    • Terri says:

      I hear what you are saying and in most typical “blog” cases, I agree. In the case of this blog (and I agree it should be title as a message board) it was decided by the board that it would be a place for everyone to discuss or post whatever is appropriate. In the case of something inappropriate, I am to remove it. Inappropriate is a broad term so when a post is in question, it is discussed and determined if it stays or if it goes. The general agreement has been to allow people to say what they wish to say and get the conversations rolling.

      As to the anonymous status of posters, people often have things to say but may fear backlash or repercussions and in a competitive industry, that is a valid concern. As a board member, I am far more concerned with the content and what someone has to say, than I am who is saying it. I have encouraged everyone I talk to, to come to the web site, to participate and get involved. If someone is unhappy with something, they have as much right to be heard as someone with great ideas and helpful feedback. It is easier to address someone’s concerns when we know the “who” and “what” but not everyone is going to put their neck out and, speaking for myself, I would rather hear what they have to say and not know who they are, then to have them not say it at all.


      • stephjr says:

        Terry – thanks for your comments on this. :) I do see your point and I understand the goal. I just figured I’d bring some potential abuses to light since it does seem there’s at least one person who has decided to not discuss anything – just leave inflammatory posts meant to spur hatred and discontent.

        • Terri says:

          I was a little worried about spam when this began. I mean is viagra relevant? LOL All I can do is use my best judgement and if something is questionable, make a call for a higher opinion. Most of the board members have broad shoulders so I guess when we are flammed we just have to grab our fire extinguishers.

          Thank you for posting though, I wish more people would.


  2. stephjr says:

    Oh – and – if the blog is going to be used as a message board system, perhaps we should call it a message board. Not a blog. When I see the word “blog” I expect to see information that’s useful, updates and news. Not a bunch of posts from people who don’t like how things are being done. It creates an atmosphere of discontent, apathy, and unprofessionalism. Just my two cents as a web veteran. – Steph

  3. Terri says:

    Mike I think it flows much better. You can tell which replies go to which posts and that is easier to get around. Thank You.


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Current Events

CDOT has installed a lot of cable guard rail on I-70 and I-25. This cable is under a lot of tension even when it is off of the hangers. If we have an accident where a vehicle gets entangled with the guardrail, do not cut the cable.

We need to notify CDOT before any of these cables are cut. The danger is in cutting a cable that is under tension as significant weight can cause the cable to recoil and whip that could result in serious or fatal injury.

The Suvivor Fund

The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum has successfully launched the towing industry Survivor Fund. The Survivor Fund is the latest addition to the ITRHFM family and was established to help the families of the men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of service.

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