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Sad news, we lost one of our own today

Bill Bowser has passed away Friday September 19 at 2:30pm peacefully. Sue and he would appreciate that in lieu of flowers, that donations be made to the Widows and Orphans Fund..

There will be a memorial Thurs September 26th, 2pm Chapel Hills 6601 S Colorado Blvd. Viewing Weds 4p-7p also at Chapel Hills. 

There will be a tow truck procession along with the Cadillac Club. RSVP Char at cozychar@netzero.com or 303-931-2182



New PUC Rules & Forms


BudgetGPS & Free Activation

New PUC Rules & Forms

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing ok, and have had a prosperous year so far. As I am sure you know if you have been attending your Chapter Meetings there are new rules out that went into effect on February 14, 2014. The new rules are available here and all the new changes are Highlighted in Yellow, you can also download the new rules from the PUC Web Site. The PUC is requesting that you use their new “Tow Charge Notification Form” or make sure that your Tow Invoices have at least everything that is on this form. I also included the new “Attestation Release Form” from PUC which you can also go onto the PUC Web Site and down load as well.

I am including a copy of the legislation that went into law February 27, 2014. We will be dealing with both the new “Tow Committee” and rule making with HB14-1031. It is a MUST that you attend your local chapter meetings to stay caught up on all the new laws and rule making. This new law and rules from rule making with the PUC will dramatically affect your business in the very near future. This last rule making was the largest probably done as of 20 plus years, and this legislation from HB14-1031 will have even a larger impact on our industry involving rates than ever before. If you have any questions please contact your Chapter President and keep yourself informed!!

Rob Mooney
TRPC State Treasurer

P.S.  Hope to see you at a local TRPC Chapter Meeting very soon. FYI, Executive board members will be attending most meetings held in the month of March!!    

Click here to download
PUC Rules Regulating Transportation by Motor Vehicle (CCR) 723-6 Effective 2-14-2014.pdf

Click here to download
House Bill HB14-1031 Signed by Governor on 2-27-2014.pdf

Click here to download
Tow Charge Notification Form.doc

Click here to download
Vehicle Release Form.pdf


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Fallen Friends

Visit the new online memorial to our friends who have fallen in the line of duty.



TRAA Roadside Safety: Everyone Goes Home DVD is in. Please contact Connie at 303-789-2593 to get one sent to you. They are $15.00 per DVD. Widows and Orphans Bears are available for purchase, $10 each. Contact Connie to purchase.

New Bylaws for 2010! Update 5-10-2011
Click here to view Constitution and By-Laws (opens in a new window)



Towing & Recovery Professionals of Colorado is the state association here to help towers find information on our industry, handle state level legislation, meetings with other towers to find out what is happening in their part of the state. We also have a Widows and Orphans Relief Fund that helps families in the case of a serious accident or death.

Contact Info

Mail: P.O. Box 740606, Arvada, CO. 80006
Tel: 303-789-2593
Fax: 303-733-5564
Email: boardmembers@trpc-colorado.com
Web: www.trpc-colorado.com

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Current Events

CDOT has installed a lot of cable guard rail on I-70 and I-25. This cable is under a lot of tension even when it is off of the hangers. If we have an accident where a vehicle gets entangled with the guardrail, do not cut the cable.

We need to notify CDOT before any of these cables are cut. The danger is in cutting a cable that is under tension as significant weight can cause the cable to recoil and whip that could result in serious or fatal injury.

The Suvivor Fund

The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum has successfully launched the towing industry Survivor Fund. The Survivor Fund is the latest addition to the ITRHFM family and was established to help the families of the men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of service.

Learn More... The Need!

Widows & Orphans Fund